Denis Hawke

Denis Hawke

Denis has extensive experience in wheat quality evaluation and categorisation for end use application, following more than 30 years in the domestic baking and milling industries.

With over 20 years experience as Chief Chemist for the milling division of George Weston Foods’ (GWF) Queensland state cereal chemistry laboratory, Denis managed traditional grain and flour quality evaluation.

This experience has given him a thorough knowledge of Hard and Soft wheat applications in particular. He also has specialist knowledge of Durum quality and applications, which he has acquired over the past 15 years.

Denis is currently employed as Technical Manager: Grain and Flour at MAURIanz, the milling division of GWF. In this role he advises the business nationally on grain selection, segregation and blending to achieve positive domestic and export customer outcomes.

He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Chemistry and a Graduate Diploma in Engineering, both from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.