Kirsty Germaine

Dr Kirsty Germaine has over 17 years experience in wheat quality with expertise in baking, cereal science and food technology. In her current role at MAURI Kirsty is responsible for ensuring the consistent quality of raw materials across Australia and New Zealand with a focus on wheat and flour quality.

Over the last 10 years she has held various roles within MAURI and Weston Milling including technical support roles and customer facing roles which involved building technical relationships with key manufacturing accounts across Australasia (including both domestic and export customers in markets such as Japan, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia). Kirsty specialises in identifying the optimal wheat and flour quality required for consistent end product performance.

Previously Kirsty also spent 8 years with BRI Australia where she gained wheat quality application test experience in bread, cakes, biscuits, noodles, pasta and flat breads.

Kirsty holds a PhD in Human Nutrition/Cereal Science from the University of Sydney, Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Science & Technology) from UNSW and Certificate III in Food Processing (Retail Baking – Bread) from East Sydney TAFE.