What we do

Wheat Quality Australia is an independent company that classifies wheat varieties according to distinct quality attributes for processors and end product use. It is also the owner and producer of Australia’s Wheat Variety Master List.

Wheat Quality Australia is responsible for maintaining and growing the reputation of Australian wheat as a high quality product. WQA’s mechanism is the accountable, transparent and sustainable wheat classification system.

Wheat Quality Australia’s Wheat Classification Council and Variety Classification Panel assess new wheat varieties to determine their processing and end product suitability (for qualities such as milling extraction, dough balance, baking performance and noodle colour and texture) to meet key market requirements.

The WQA Classification Council maintains and improves the classification system in response to the needs of the market. The WQA Council represents the entire value chain of wheat production in Australia, and actively seeks inputs from all stakeholders in this process.

The Wheat Variety Master List, is the primary output of the classification system and is the foundation for wheat quality management in Australia.