Classification Applications

A Classification Applications must be submitted for every classification decision required for each candidate variety.

To apply for a wheat variety to be classified, an Application form must be completed, along with a Statutory Declaration.

Only the person or organisation holding proprietary rights to a variety may submit an Application, except where reclassification is required due to expiration of a previous classification.

In this instance Grains Australia may collect and test samples, and submit an Application for the variety.

Prior to submitting an Application, wheat breeders must execute a Services Agreement with Grains Australia.

For information about the Services Agreement information and the process for submitting an application,
please contact Grains Australia at please contact us at:

Classification Applications

The Wheat Variety Classification Panel meets regularly to consider Applications for classification. Find out more about the wheat classification process and how to submit an application.


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Wheat classification is managed by Grains Australian Limited.