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Have your say on the classification system, processes, activities and strategy.

Council Submissions

WQA invites you to have your say on the classification system, processes, activities and strategy. The WQA Council considers all submissions at meetings as scheduled:

Meeting Date

Submissions Close

17 March 2022

3 March 2022

19 May 2022

5 May 2022

29 July 2022

14 July 2022

13 October 2022

29 September 2022


  • (company or individual)
  • (Please indicate which stakeholder group you represent eg grower, exporter, storage & handler, domestic user etc)
  • (eg peak body, dominant segment participant etc)
  • (Provide details of industry consultation undertaken, if any, in preparation of this submissions eg how, when and with whom)

  • (provide short descriptive title for reference purposes)
  • (specific change or motion/s to be put to the council for decision)
  • (provide detailed technical and/or market information on the nature, cause and impact of the key issue under consideration)
  • (provide information on the value at stake and/or volume of grain affected and/or area of production affected by the issue)
  • (Indicate which industry segment/s are adversely affected by the issue and/or positively affected by resolution of the issue)
    DISCLAIMER: Assessment of submissions for inclusion in Wheat Classification Council (Council) meetings is at the sole discretion of the Council Chair, any concerns or questions should be raised with the Chair at the time of status notification. The criteria for assessment of submissions and the process and instructions for making submissions may change from time to time. These changes will be posted on the Wheat Quality Australia website and interested parties should satisfy themselves that they have the most current version. Instructions Please submit the requested information in the space provided on the form. Alternatively, supporting documents can be attached to the form as long as they are numbered and the numbers referenced on the form in the space provided for the relevant information. The form and any supporting documentation are to be emailed to the Wheat Quality Australia Executive Officer via prior to the closing date for submissions. The timeline, including the closing date for submissions, is provided on the website Receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged by return email. If any further information or clarification is required to support a submission, the submitter will be contacted by the Executive Officer. All submissions will be public and posted on the Wheat Quality Australia website. All submissions will be assessed by the Council Chair to ensure that they are within the scope of Council activities and that they are sufficiently detailed to allow discussion and decision making at the Council meeting. The scope of the Council is set out in the Council Charter which can be found on the website. Any submissions not meeting these criteria will not be progressed to the Council meeting. Submitters will be advised of the status of their submission prior to the Council meeting. The outcome of submissions dealt with at the Council meeting will be advised to the submitter via email after the meeting. Outcomes of the Council meeting will be public and posted on the Wheat Quality Australia website.
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