National changes to wheat variety classification in 2018

National changes to wheat variety classification in 2018
November 10, 2017 Fuller

In preparation for this year’s harvest, Wheat Quality Australia (WQA) is reminding farmers all over Australia to stay on top of recent changes to the Wheat Variety Master List, which was released in September 2017.

WQA produces the Master List annually, which contains new varieties approved by the Wheat Classification Panel and approved by the WQA Board.

The Wheat Classification Guidelines also require an annual review of “old varieties”, these being varieties classified more than 10 years ago. Old varieties comprising 0.1% or more of receivals in any zone will be retained on the Master List, provided there are no quality issues.

Over the previous three seasons more than 220 varieties have been reviewed with 127 removed from the list in 2016 and 2017, and a further 46 scheduled for removal in 2018 and 2019.

When harvesting this year, WQA implores producers to be mindful of classification changes and how they may impact variety mix – and therefore seed retention – decisions for the 2018 season.

1. Where a variety is removed

Varieties approved for removal from the Master List will be highlighted at the time of release of the Master List in September, however they can still be delivered into the approved class for a further two years. After this time, grain from these varieties will be received as “FEED”.

In 2018 these varieties are: Aroona, Eradu, Harrier, Meering, Tincurrin, Schomburgk, Yallaroi, Excalibur BT Schomburgk, Cadoux, Cascades, Bowie, Leichhardt, Brookton Tamaroi, Camm, Sunsoft 98, Kalannie, Giles, Arrivato, Petrie, Mitre, Kukri, Thornbill, Lorikeet, Annuello, Drysdale, Mackellar, Qalbis, Kalka, EGA Blanco, GBA Ruby, EGA Wentworth, EGA Wylie, AGT Scythe, SW Odiel, H46, and LRPB Sentinal3R.

2. Where a classification has changed

Some varieties have also been assessed as requiring a change in class, either up or down grade as a result of the review of quality data by the Old Varieties Expert Group and by the Wheat Variety Classification Panel. EGA Gregory was upgraded to APH in the SE Zone in 2016, the first of the downgrades take effect in 2018 and are summarised in the table below, green text indicating the new class.

WQA Master List 2017:18

The following two varieties have been scheduled to be downgraded in 2019 but can still be delivered into their current class in 2018:

WQA Master List 2017:182