Planning your winter sowing? Check your wheat varieties now

Planning your winter sowing? Check your wheat varieties now
March 25, 2019 Fuller
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Queensland grain growers preparing to sow this year’s winter crop need to be aware of recent changes to the Wheat Variety Master List when selecting their 2019/20 seed.

Wheat Quality Australia (WQA) is reminding Queensland farmers that two varieties – Kennedy and Strzelecki – had their status changed when the Master List was released in September 2017.

From 2019, Kennedy will no longer be eligible for a milling grade and can only be received into feed segregations. Strzelecki will no longer be eligible for APH but can still be delivered into AH or below. Both these changes will be reflected in the 2019 Master List when it is released in September.

Producers should be aware of this when making planting decisions as it will affect their delivery grading at the end of the season.

WQA Chairman Dr Don Plowman said the information was first communicated to the grains industry – producers, breeders and the trade – in 2016.

“The Wheat Classification Guidelines require an annual review of “old varieties”, Dr Plowman said. “These are varieties classified more than 10 years ago.

“Old varieties comprising 0.1% or more of receivals in any zone will be retained on the Master List, provided there are no quality issues.

“The review in 2016 resulted in the granting of additional time for producers to make the appropriate adjustments and was the subject of a submission from AgForce in 2017.”

WQA produces the Master List annually, which contains new varieties approved by the Wheat Classification Panel and approved by the WQA Board.

Over the previous three seasons, more than 220 varieties have been reviewed with 127 removed from the list between 2016 to 2018.


Hugh Robertson
Executive Officer, Wheat Quality Australia
Mobile: 0414 326 007