Record number of APH and AH varieties included in 2021-22 Wheat Variety Master List

Record number of APH and AH varieties included in 2021-22 Wheat Variety Master List
August 2, 2021 Fuller

A total of 16 newly classified wheat varieties, two feed varieties, and a record 14 Hard (APH AH and APW) milling varieties have been announced in the 2021 Wheat Quality Australia (WQA) Wheat Variety Master List, to be released on Sunday, 1 August.

The 2021 Master List introduces Severn, Anapurna, Sunmaster, Sunflex, Suncentral, Sunblade CL Plus, Sting, Hammer CL Plus, Denison, Coota, Ballista, Valiant CL Plus, LRPB Raider, LRPB Avenger, LRPB Bale and LRPB Dual.

The release of the Master List is part of Wheat Quality Australia’s ongoing work to improve the competitiveness of Australia’s wheat industry, and is also the result of significant long term investment from wheat breeders, said newly appointed Chairman of WQA, Mr Terry Enright.

“Australia has one of the best resourced wheat breeding programs in the world.

“This years’ record number of releases is a product of serious investment by breeding companies over the last 10 years, and a demonstration that breeders are responding to the needs of producers.

“They are meeting the demands of a changing climate with a range of maturity types as well as production requirements such as herbicide resistance, in the preferred APH and AH classes.

“Following the integration of Wheat Quality Australia into Grains Australia Limited, WQA continues to be committed to working closely with all sectors of the Australian wheat industry.

“We are heavily invested in the ongoing process of delivering the Master List, to ensure the quality and competitiveness of Australian wheat worldwide,” he said.

Upgrades this year include:

● Southern Zone: LRPB Nyala and LRPB Oryx to ASFT, LRPB Parakeet to ANW and LRPB Stealth to AH;
● South-Eastern Zone: Bitalli to ADR, and Vixen and Rockstar to APH; and
● Northern Zone: Sheriff CL Plus to APW, Catapult to AH, and Rockstar to APH.

The predominance of APH and AH releases across zones and the varieties being upgraded demonstrates the improving capacity of breeders to deliver against both the needs of producers and of markets, and the need to meet the challenge of increasing climate variability.

The 2021-22 Wheat Variety Master List represents the continuation of Wheat Quality Australia’s work over the past eight seasons in reviewing varieties more than 10 years old.

As a result of this review process, 381 varieties have been reviewed, with 301 flagged for removal, 13 downgraded, one upgraded and 67 re-classified with no change to classification over this period.

14 varieties removed from the Wheat Variety Master List in 2021-22 were first flagged for removal in 2019, and delivered in their existing class up until 2020. They have now been removed after lengthy consultation with the industry.

Varieties planned for removal in 2022 include Batavia, Calingiri, Anlace, Marombi, Barham, LRPB Hornet, Sunvex, Waagan, and Fang.

Varieties planned for removal in 2023 include Diamondbird, Envoy, Kunjin and Wedin.

The WQA 2021-22 Wheat Variety Master List will be available on the WQA website on Sunday 1 August.

It will also be published in the Grain Trade Australia Wheat Standards at

For further information on the management of old varieties on the Master List, please contact Grain Producers Australia or Wheat Quality Australia.

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