Tremayne Watts

Tremayne Watts

Export Sales Manager, Cargill Australia

Tremayne Watts has a deep knowledge and understanding of wheat quality, cereal chemistry and the international grain market, built on 18 years of experience in flour milling, international marketing, storage and handling, wheat breeding, quality testing and variety assessment.

Tremayne’s experience includes various roles within AWB’s crop shaping, variety classification activities and supporting programs and as marketing manager for Middle East and Africa region. Tremayne is currently the Export Sales Manager for Cargill Australia.

Relevant experience to Wheat Quality Australia includes Tremayne’s experience in Cereal chemistry, Flour milling, his knowledge of the international grain market, project management experiece and an understanding of wheat quality evaluation and categorisation.

Tremayne has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Technology/Biotechnology) from the University of Ballarat.