New Australian Innovative Wheat Class

New Australian Innovative Wheat Class
December 8, 2021 Fuller
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WQA has introduced a new wheat class, Australian Innovative Wheat (AIW). This new class is unique and has a set of classification requirements unlike the existing classes, which are based on testing of trials comparing new candidate lines to a set of controls so that wheats with similar quality can be grouped together in the supply chain.

AIW is in some ways the opposite of this approach and based on owners or breeders of a variety demonstrating that a candidate line can meet the following criteria:

  • Varieties meet a defined market opportunity, validated by at least one customer, in a food application; and
  • Varieties demonstrate a unique and novel quality that is not available in the main classes (performance against this quality can be used in future classification determinations); and
  • There must be a demonstrated net benefit across the whole industry to the acceptance of a variety into the class (in the short-term this benefit may accrue to a small number of participants); and
  • New applications for AIW must obtain an approval from the WQA Council and Board before being admitted.

It is expected that AIW classed varieties will be traded as single variety shipments in a closed loop and as such bulk segregation and cascading rules will not be relevant.