Dr Narelle Moore

Dr Narelle Moore

Manager, Business Development and Commercialisation, GRDC

Narelle joined GRDC as the Manager, Business Development and Commercialisation, Canberra in February 2019. This role includes managing the pulse breeding programs as well as assisting projects working on industry good functions. Narelle recently returned from living in the USA (Idaho and Missouri) for the past 4 years were she taught in the Agriculture Department at the College of Southern Idaho and has gained great insight into Pacific Northwest and Midwest American agricultural systems.

Narelle has over 10 years’ experience working in supply chains from growers, grain storage and handling, marketing, quality, customer relationship management, strategy and business development.  She has a unique skillset with a foundation in agriculture driving scientific rigor with a strong appreciation of business acumen and the need to achieve profitable outcomes.

Narelle is the former Technical Marketing Manager at the CBH Group, one of Australia’s leading grain organisations. She has worked extensively with industry groups, and Australian and international governments to ensure export trade issues are dealt with effectively. Narelle regularly led international marketing missions to promote wheat from a technical and quality perspective and was also involved in developing marketing and business development strategies within CBH. She has a deep understanding of domestic and international wheat grain quality, flour quality, dough functionality characteristics and end product requirements.

Narelle has a PhD investigating the impact of marker-assisted selection on the response to selection for both a DH and an S1 recurrent selection wheat breeding program and a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons I) majoring in plant breeding and quantitative genetics.